Reversing Course

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Somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, reality checked in and I realized trying to rush through what is arguably my once-in-a-lifetime journey, was ludicrous.

Who blows through British Columbia and Alaska in less than a month if one of your goals is to photograph the scenery?

Anyway, we headed into Canada after leaving the Voyageurs National Park area traveling east to drop back into Vermont with the intent to drive south, following the leaves changing down the eastern coast.

A good decision. 😀

Mother Nature

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Sometimes I think Mother Nature conspires to elicit our inner self. I consider myself blessed to live with three K9s who require long walks for routine maintenance as these walks are oftentimes just plain magical. 🙂

Quetico Provincial Park

Canada’s Provincial Parks are an incredible resource if you ever find yourself in need of a campground. Everyone we stayed at had hot showers and laundry facilities encapsulated in a clean, peaceful serene environment.

And you feel safe DESPITE being advised to use bear-resistant containers.

P.S. I didn’t see a bear.

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