Assateague Island National Seashore

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We stayed three nights in the oceanside campground on the island. It had been over two decades since I had last visited Assateague but back then I had hiked into a backcountry campsite which allowed for a more remote experience.

Horseshoe crabs are not true crabs in that they are more closely related to the ancient sea scorpions and share the same Cheilcerata subphylum as spiders BUT that doesn’t render the 450 million-year-old, blue-blooded, “living fossil” any less impressive.

Assateague Island’s shore was littered with their carapaces.

Assateague’s Feral Horses

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Visitors come from near and far to gaze at the “wild ponies” who roam Assateague Island. They are best viewed from afar as they OWN that island and the ATTITUDE that goes along with that fact.

You can Google the adverse outcomes of countless close encounters between the equine and homo sapien species.

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