Hiawatha National Forest, Part II

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Every day at Coattail Lake exploded with beauty.


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More Reflections

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Special Things

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It wasn’t just the natural beauty of the area but also certain events, items, and people were like icing on the cake. First, there was the discovery of the throne. 😀

Curiosity Setting In

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And on the second day, the swans arrived, trumpeting their early morning arrival which startled all occupants of our tent. 😀

"Ja-Nice" and Nichole

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And although I did not get a photo of her, I spent a good hour of conversation with Chelle who arrived via canoe. An Outward Bound guide for 20 years whose depth of wilderness knowledge was incredible.

The next day, “Ja-Nice” and her niece, Nichole (sp) were “greeted” by 3 Dobermans as they arrived at the campsite via foot, shattering their assumption my vehicle was suggestive of a day-hiker. 😀

They spent the night and hiked out the next day, intending to check out the nearby wildlife management area on their way back home.

They left me their spade which was like getting to open a Christmas present early as I had unintentionally broken mine putting some torque on a few roots several days earlier.

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