Sometimes You Luck Out

Untitled photo

After being unsuccessful at finding the Forest Road I was seeking, I just started pulling into any side road I could find as the sun was turning in for the night.

Both tent and supper were accomplished in the dark. The next morning, I realized how blessed we were. 🙂

Coattail Lake

Untitled photo

I thought it was Ned’s Lake in the Big Island Lake Wilderness nestled in the western “subdivision” of Hiawatha National Forest.

I was wrong, it was Coattail Lake, otherwise known as pure, utter bliss.

Our First Afternoon

Untitled photo

I snuck up on this seagull or so I thought. As soon as I framed the scene, I was gifted with this yawn.

I opted to not erase the background bird as if you are viewing this on a BIG screen, it kind of looks like the gull is about to catch a mosquito.

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