Squirrel Pond

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After experiencing no small number of deer flies and mosquitoes, the game plan was to spend one night at Squirrel Pond in the North Maine Woods to see if we could tolerate the beasts.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the campsite was the least insect-ridden we had experienced and for a while, it seemed like it was going to be a perfect spot to stay for several nights.

BUT, it turned out I wasn’t paying attention to what the constant change was doing to Zoe and Aslan who are not yet 3 years old. While Granger has gathered quite a bit of experience over his ten years of living with me and is fairly adaptable, the siblings “know” only the sliver of the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area where they had been exploring since puppyhood.

During one of our walks the morning we left, Zoe literally catapulted backward out of the weeds she was investigating and ran to my side where she remained plastered for several moments.

I saw nothing but I suspect she encountered a moose as I believe I would have smelled a bear. Besides, all of them had seen a bear while living in WV.

Later, it became obvious Aslan was on heightened alert status and could not settle down, sniffing the weeds and returning to my side repeatedly.

They were obviously scared so I made the decision to load up and head on up the road because I didn’t think they would be able to settle down for the night.

Judging by Aslan’s crawling into my lap while I was driving back to the main road, whatever they were sensing was potent. My 65-pound, lanky Doberman was reduced to a quivering mass.

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