Brief Bio

My name is Vicky Stephens and I am an aspiring photographer, primarily focused on landscape, nature, travel and macro photography but intent on gaining familiarity with most categories of photography.

I realized not long ago, that my life has been like the Rule-of-Thirds, in that I've spent roughly 21 years maturing, 15 years as a medical technologist, and 20 years practicing emergency medicine as a Physician Assistant. 

Throughout that span, I have utilized photography to stimulate my visual cortex, attempting to permanently engrave the feelings I experienced looking through the lens.

In an effort to fine-tune my focus, I'm ramping up my emphasis on photography as I traverse my final chapters in life. I'm going to take what opportunities might come to dance with the light during my Golden years. 

Whether by traveling to foreign soil or walking in the woods with my dogs, I will seek opportunities to capture the awe of my surroundings.

It is an honor and privilege to share my digital engrams. Thank you.

Aslan, Granger, Zoe

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